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A scene taken the day before we had another 18 inches of snow
This month we are focusing the winter weather. Clearly it's been very difficult for many people in different areas of the country. Here in the mid-section of Virginia we have experienced the coldest and windiest winter in years. Twenty + inches of snow, wind gusts of 50 mph and temperatures as low as -10  with -35 wind chills. Our greatest concern was our Alpaca herd.Fortunately we have a 14 stall barn so that we were able to house all of our Alpacas indoors whenever the extreme weather was predicted.Even better the barn is about 100 ft from the house so even in the extreme weather it was not to difficult to care for the alpacas. This morning we were greeted by 20in of snow with 3 ft drifts. The herd has been confined to the barn for over about 10 days now and they are getting antsy. We have an indoor arena attached to the barn so we allowed each group time get out of their stall(s) to run around the Arena. You never saw such a happy herd, They were running, jumping ,kicking , and pronking. Hopefully the weather will improve and they can return to the pastures. On a positive note 2 of our females Ella and Gorgeous and pregnant. The sire was our male Primo. These will be his first offspring and we are anxious to see them.   

Alpacas in Barn Arena